3D空间矢量化 3D空间矢量化

High precision
behavior recognition
& Space vectorization

3D spatial of behavior recognition
3D Space vectorization

3D人脸识别 3D人脸识别

3D Facial Recognition

3D facial recognition can capture
biological features,such asthe cont-
ours, curves of forehead,eyes, nose, a-
nd side of the ear at any angle.

非接触式测量 非接触式测量


Using non-contact temperature
measurement and detected heartbea-
ts data.

Our Equipment

ToF Depth Sensor/1080P Color Image Sensor/720P Color Image Sensor/ Low-Power Parallel Computing on GPU (ToF + Binocular Vision)


Fixed Equipment-Clover Sensor

The upper position of the fixed-installed equipment captures real-time HD color images and 3D depthimages


Automated Equipment-Clover Robot

Clover Robot has same functions as Clover Sensor,and equipped with slam automated feature


Our Products

The application of 3D behavior recognition technology is very extensive. iLumintel`s smart technology has developed four sets of application products according to the development needs of the industry itself. It will become the next generation of artificial intelligence mainstream technology to replace the traditional 2D image recognition technology.



Behavior Recognition & Alarm System for Motion Restrained People



3D Facial Image CaptureBehavior Recognition Route Tracking People Flow Statistics System



God's Eyes System



Secured Industrial Production Surveillance Systems

Our Partners

Currently, iLumintel`s intelligent technology is combined with the financial, electric power, pension, public security and other fields of hundreds of industry solutions, and also have established close cooperative relations with partners. We provide value-added service for industry solutions.

Founder & Ceo Shawn

Organization Department of the Central Committee 7th "National Thousand Talents Plan" Distinguished Experts

UESTC Distinguished Professor.

In the United States he had good experiences in studying, working and entrepreneurship management in Silicon Valley 16 years.

He also has been alone or to create four companies. Moreover, he served in the United States companies, like Microsoft and Wischip/Micronas and other multinational companies.

He is not only a scientific、technology researcher but also is a development, management and market operations expert.